Gemini Social Club
Social Club for both Couples & Singles

Who Can Join? & How To Join?
This Is A Private Membership Club For Both Couples & Singles.
You Must Be Familiar With The Swinging Lifestyle And Have An Open Mind.

Must Be 18 Years And Over- With Valid Picture I.D.

Cell Phones-
No Cell Phones "Or" Camera's Allowed On The Property!
Please Keep Them In Your Car!
Dress-Code :
Men- Totally Nude "or"  Briefs, Boxers
Women- Totally Nude " or" Very Sexy Revealing Lingerie
Dress Code Is Enforced No Exceptions!

Our On- Premise Parties Include-
Indoor & Outdoor Spa, Pool Table,Lockers, Private & Group Rooms, XXX-Videos, "Plus Special Dungeon Room".
New Dance Floor With Dance Pole For The Ladies. D.J. Dancing On Special Occasions

Soft Drinks & Buffet Are Provided-
Must Bring Own Liquor. (B.Y.O.B.)
Please Drink Responsibly

Gemini Parties Are Held -

Friday & Saturday Nights 9pm-2:am
Office Hours To Join- Pomona, California
Open Only From 8pm-11pm
Open On The Night Of The Parties Only
Must Show Up At The Office Before Every Party
Office Is Used For New Member & Regular Member Fees
On-Premise Party Is At A  Different Location!
Must Call In (Or) Fill Out Our Reservation Page Every Party You Attend!!
Your Name(s) Have Got To Be On Our Reservation List.
Club Information

Where you will cum
more than once!