Gemini Social Club
Special Events
Reservation #
Office Hours: 8pm-11pm,
Friday/Saturday Nights
On-Premise Party: 9pm-2am
Gemini Social Club
Special... Pay $10 xtra
example: Member fee Couples $40 + $10 ,    Single Guy: $70+ $10
New members: Couples $50+ $10,  Single Guy: $80+$10
members and new members
can come to (two parties) on that
same week!
Gemini Social Club
Valentines Day Party

Saturday/ February 10th 2018
At 9pm-2am

Music, Food, B.Y.O.B.
DJ -Bobby Will Be playing Youir Favorite Tunes!
(909) 480-5577
Gemini Social Club
St. Patrick's Day Party

Saturday/ March17th 2018
At 9pm-2am

Music , Food, B.Y.O.B.
DJ - Bobby will be playing your favorite Tunes!
(909) 480-5577