Who Can Join? & How To Join?
This Is A Private Membership Club For Both Couples & Singles.

Must Be 18 Years And Over- With Valid Picture I.D.

Cell Phones-
No Cell Phones "Or" Camera's Allowed On The Property!
Please Keep Them In Your Car!

Dress-Code :
Men- Totally Nude "or"  Briefs, Boxers
Women- Totally Nude " or" Very Sexy Revealing Lingerie
Dress Code Is Enforced No Exceptions!

Our On- Premise Parties Include-
Indoor & Outdoor Spa, Pool Table,Lockers, Private & Group Rooms,
XXX-Videos, "Plus Special Dungeon Room".
New Dance Floor With Dance Pole For The Ladies. D.J. Dancing On
Special Occasions

Soft Drinks & Buffet Are Provided-
Must Bring Own Liquor. (B.Y.O.B.)
Please Drink Responsibly

Gemini Parties Are Held -

Friday & Saturday Nights 9pm-2:am
Office Hours To Join- Pomona, California
Open Only From 8pm-11pm
Open On The Night Of The Parties Only

Must Show Up At The Office Before Every Party
Office Is Used For New Member & Regular Member Fees
On-Premise Party Is At A  Different Location!

Must Call In your Reservation every party
Your Name(s) Have Got To Be On Our Reservation List!
Where you will cum more than